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Judi Varner Meyer


Faith - committed to defending religious liberties, including the freedom to worship, and preach and teach the word of God without government intrusion.


Life - committed to defending the lives of the unborn, disabled, infirmed, and elderly. Civilized societies do not sacrifice those who are weak and dependent, they sacrifice for them!

Family- committed to creating and passing laws that promote and strengthen families. Protecting parental rights is a priority of mine. Strong families are the foundation of a thriving society.


Second amendment rights - committed to defending the right to own and bear arms in order to secure and protect self, family, home, state, and nation.

Small government- committed to limiting the power of government. Government should answer to We the People.

School choice - committed to providing diversity in  meeting educational needs. This benefits not only the parents and students to seek a better learning style and environment, but also the educator by giving them more options for employment. Competition brings out our best, and education is no exception! Quality education is key to the success of West Virginians.

Business/economy- committed to supporting local and small businesses. Business ownership is an avenue to keep our children and grandchildren in West Virginia. As an experienced business owner, from a family of business owners, I recognize the need for government to encourage and not hinder entrepreneurship. Legislation should encourage businesses to come to WV in order to provide more and better job opportunities for West Virginians. When jobs are plentiful, businesses compete for the best workers by offering better incentives through higher pay and benefit packages for employees.


As owner and operator of a family child care business in the '90s, I served on the board of the Northern Panhandle Family Child Care Association. Recognizing a shortage of infant care providers, I spoke at a women's town hall meeting about the need for family group care in West Virginia to meet the need for more infant care. When legislation for Family Group Care  was passed I was included in a committee called to Charleston to create policies for this new option.

In the '90s I became active in the Ohio County Chapter of West Virginians for Life. While raising and homeschooling my six children for a total of 23 years my pro-life activities were limited to working at educational pro-life booths at festivals and writing letters to the editor. When my youngest son was a teenager my family became involved in the Ohio County Chapter of West Virginians for Life together; attending meetings, organizing and working events, plus fundraising.

During my homeschooling years, I was support group leader for Ohio Valley Christian Home Educators (OVCHE) for several years. I began leading classes for the children and holding workshops for moms, many of which I still lead in my church and in the community. Some of these topics include budgeting, relationships, scheduling, time management, and meal planning. Through church ministry I expanded these workshops and classes to include parenting, marriage, character, health, and finding grace and peace in life.

Several years ago, I identified three needs among the families I was ministering to and designed and directed Metropolitan Baptist Family Academy (MBFA) as a solution to those needs. Adults were struggling with parenting issues, children were in need of character and academic improvement, and teens desired work experience and volunteer opportunities in a wholesome setting. MBFA consisted of parenting classes, a full scholarship to our 3 week summer day camp for the children of the parents who completed the parenting classes, and wholesome work and volunteer opportunities for teens.  

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Often times people will become so passionate about an issue that they lose the ability to logically think through a proposed solution in order to recognize error. Passion, although helpful for motivation, can be blinding. We need more people in the Senate who have a clear vision and can logically go through the thought process needed to create a clear plan of action. Identifying problems, seeking solutions, critically thinking, and implementing policies to overcome the challenges that West Virginians face is what is needed in Charleston. The  knowledge I have gained through serving the community and listening to people of  all socio-economic situations has prepared me to represent the people of the Northern Panhandle in Charleston. Focusing not only on the needs of the people which are varied and complex, but also on sensible solutions that will work is my goal in representing the Northern Panhandle. I am prepared to be your voice of reason at the state level. 



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